From specialties to traditions

Let yourself be pampered by a family and varied cuisine, in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Initiated in the hotel and catering school and a know-how transmitted from "mother to daughter", come and discover a simple cuisine and appreciate the simmered dishes which only time allows to reveal all their flavor.

From traditional specialties, you will taste "Donkey's ears", "Tourtons", "Honey ravioli", "Potato pie" and many others, and why not a "Salted goat's cheese stew" in October.

The restaurant room, with a maximum capacity of 60 covers, adapts to the needs and allows everyone's space to be respected, alone, as a couple or in a group.

  • Salle du restaurant Le Ban de l'Ours
  • Grande table dans la salle du restaurant
  • Cheminée restaurant

Les plats traditionnels des Alpes et du Valgaudemar

Gratin de ravioles
Gratin de ravioles du Ban de l'Ours
Ravioles du Ban de l'Ours
  • Oreilles d'âne (Donkey's ears): wild spinach gratin. Its name comes from the way wild spinach grows in long, pointed leaves.
  • Tourtons: donut in the shape of a cushion, topped with mashed potato with onion or spinach and cheese, once often eaten at Christmas, hence the name “cushions of Jesus”.
  • Raviole: specialty rolled with potato and cheese, served with honey or jam.
  • Flouzon: potato pie, bacon, onion and cream.
The lamb we serve is native to the region.
Oreilles d'âne
Oreilles d'äne du Ban de l'Ours
Pot-au-feu de chèvre
Pot au feu de chèvre

"Shared" cooking:

This year, two cooks take turns in the kitchen. Twice the pleasure for the taste buds!

Frédérique simmers you the traditional dishes of which she has mastery while Jérôme puts his creativity and originality on your plates.

We offer two different menus for lunch and dinner.
The Saturday evening and Sunday lunch menus are menus with specialities, mainly composed of traditional Valgaudemar dishes.


Préparation des ravioles


Plate from Valgaudemar
18 €
Prentic's "Fouassière"
21 €
"Traditions" menu
34 €
Menu of the day (lunch)
23 €
Menu of the evening
25 €
"Specialities" menu
29 €
Kid menu
9 €
Plate from Valgaudemar

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